LOVE by JENS Gets His Flåm Fix

March 27, 2023

Jackson Stradtman is a student at the University of Central Florida and the founder of LOVE by JENS, a site bridging fashion, travel, and lifestyle through writing and creative direction.

Here at Mer Bleue, we believe that travel brings people together. It’s a pathway to understanding the cultures of others so we can all be a little more connected. On our latest blog, we bring you Jackson Stradtman, an up-and-coming blogger and founder of LOVE by JENS. An avid traveler, he visited Flåm with his family last August. We sat down with him to discuss his new website, some of Flåm’s wonders, and how travel positively affects his life.

A: When I created my website and started getting into this whole creative direction and writing sort of thing, I really wanted to stay true to myself and my interests. With that, it was virtually impossible not to include travel. I think travel is, without a doubt, my favorite thing on the face of the Earth. I love to experience new cultures, excursions, and ways of life. Expanding my mind to other parts of the world is so fantastically interesting that travel is something I have fallen in love with. Along with writing about personal thoughts and creating projects, travel is something I try to feature heavily in the work that I do. Whether it’s photoshoots in Florida or fashion finds in France, I love connecting travel to everything I do for my website and in my life.

A: Flåm presents itself as a fairytale-like town, something that doesn’t feel real at first glance. I don’t think that I’ve been anywhere else like this. Of course, I’ve been to many jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, and star-strikingly gorgeous places. But Flåm, however, simply is otherworldly. I remember when we pulled into the town’s port along the Aurlandsfjord, my aunt described Flåm as a “Lego town.” I really believe that’s a perfect description of what Flåm feels like. From the vibrant colors that top the roofs of buildings and sides of mountains to the sparkling blue waters, Flåm really felt surreal.

A: Nowadays, I’ve become all too accustomed to car rides and airlines, so when I get the chance to take a stunning train ride, I always cherish the opportunity. Trains offer some of the best views you’re ever likely to witness, and this is particularly true with the Flåmsbana. You simply couldn’t view something such as the Kjosfossen from a car window or admire the lush Scandinavian landscape from ten thousand meters above the ground. But it’s not just the views that make train rides memorable. The pace at which you can enjoy a train ride is much more relaxed and methodical than other methods of sightseeing transportation. When I was on the Flåmsbana, I felt much more at ease rather than being overwhelmed by photo-op-induced anxiety. I was able to enjoy everything and every moment instead of worrying that I’ll miss out.

A: Flåm’s emphasis on nature is evident. People aren’t flocking to bars or lining up for museum tours; instead, everyone is bursting at the seams with excitement to do something outdoors. And how could they not? Flåm just has so many things to do that don’t involve air conditioning! Being set on the Aurlandsfjord, Flåm has some very unique water activities. I absolutely love the scenery of the Fjords, and being on the water is always magical. When flourishing greenery lines the mountains that encompass sapphire-like water, it’s hard not to be impressed. The mountains, too, bring a number of trails and hiking opportunities. If exercise is more your cup of tea, things such as the Brekkefossen Trailhead or Stegastein viewpoint might be more your speed. From all these outdoor adventures, the people of Flåm are definitely impacted… in a good way. On my trip, my family and I were greeted by people willing to help us with our wheelchairs, wanting to accommodate our every move. Perhaps this nature-focused lifestyle really makes a difference. If what the doctors say is true, then it’s definitely easy to see how exercise and physical activity can increase happiness. 

Want to learn more about Flåm? Click below to read Jackson’s blog post, Flåm, Norway’s Hidden Gem!







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