Travel Trends in 2023

February 27, 2023

A new year often comes with a new you, but around here, it comes with new travel! Like fashion, hairstyles, and iPhones, travel evolves too. But no fear, we’ve got you covered with the latest travel trends. So as you’re getting that new haircut, wondering when it will go out of style, consider your next travel investment instead. It’s not quite as permanent! 

Wellness Travel Trend

A travel trend that everyone should get behind is wellness travel. As my husband and I get older, moving our bodies and eating right are at the top of our to-do lists. It helps that we have two active kids. But sometimes, you need a reset. Hotels like Belmond’s Grand Hotel Timeo in Sicily have carefully curated programs to inspire your lifestyle goals. With access to a Technogym personal trainer, meditations, wellness workshops, and healthy recipe testing, you’ll have an arsenal of tools to unlock your most grounded self, all while enjoying the Sicilian countryside! Plus, you’ll return home aligned and with the energy needed to crush the rest of your 2023 goals!

Wellness Travel

WFH Trips

Not quite “work from home,” but this travel trend is “work from hotel.” The world has moved to remote work post-pandemic, making it possible to get your job done from anywhere! These WFH or “hush trips” are strategically planned so that the trip overlaps with regular work hours while still leaving some time to explore a new city. This is perfect for the city you’ve always wanted to see but hasn’t yet made it to your family’s must-see list. Can you see yourself at the Mandarin Oriental in Boston? Getting up early for a quick workout at their premier gym, taking breakfast on the terrace while responding to emails, listening to a Zoom call as you walk around the city, then treating yourself to an Italian dinner at the West End after your 6 pm massage. Talk about a healthy working environment!

WFH Travel

Multigenerational Travel Trend

The rise in the multigenerational travel trend over the past few years is staggering. Having someone else plan your get-together is way easier on Nana and makes family time something to look forward to. Family time is precious, but getting everyone together can be challenging. The trick is to find a location that has something to offer the whole group. But more than that, a hotel with unique activities right on the property allows the group to experience the destination in multiple ways while still being close. You want a home away from home! Gleneagles in Scottland has enough land for everyone to have their own walkable acre and enough activities to keep even the pickiest family members entertained. The whole family can start the day with a fabulous breakfast. The kids head off to learn about foraging while Grandpa, dad, and cousin Mike take shooting lessons. Mom and Aunt Shannon take a cooking lesson while Nana reads her book in the garden. Later the ladies meet up for afternoon tea while the boys and the kids all go fly fishing. The whole crew comes back together in the evening for a traditional Scottish dinner.  

Multigenerational Travel

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel involves reducing travelers’ negative impact on the natural and cultural environments they visit. And ideally, it also includes providing benefits to the local community. This is a travel trend that we all need to embrace. Luckily, hospitality companies like Rocco Forté are working hard to implement sustainable practices with real impacts. All fourteen Rocco Forté hotels are committed to treating the planet and their workers with integrity. They believe global travel doesn’t have to leave a giant footprint. Rocco Forté provides its guests with intimate experiences designed to preserve the local community. Whether visiting the Munich Glockenspiel while staying at The Charles Hotel or heading to the Florence Duomo after a night at the Hotel Savoy, it’s reassuring knowing you, the workers, and the planet, are in good hands.

Luxury Travel Trend

It’s no shock that “luxury travel” comes up in article after travel article. We don’t just want to travel, we want to travel well! So what exactly is luxury travel? While the exact definition is highly personal, luxury travel is about the best service and experiences curated exclusively for you. It’s traveling in extreme comfort with complete ease. Luxury travelers trade stress and effort for relaxation, style, and amenities. Luxury travel comes with a higher price tag, but those who experience it enjoy the personal attention, deeper connections, and incredible surroundings it provides.

Luxury Travel

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