Flåm, Norway’s Hidden Gem

March 27, 2023

In southwestern Norway, along the Aurlandsfjord, nestles a dream-like village. Flåm, a town of only 350 people, is one of Norway’s best-kept secrets. Though it is one of Norway’s top cruise destinations, it isn’t a town that most people dream of visiting on a Norwegian vacation. But those who’ve visited know there’s more to Flåm than meets the eye.

The Flåmsbana, one of Flåm’s most popular excursions.

Perhaps the most popular Flåm excursion is the Flåmsbana. Often described as one of the most beautiful train rides in the world, the Flåmsbana runs from the town of Flåm to the village of Myrdal. After boarding in Flåm, you can expect about a 1-hour ride to Myrdal, with sites and stops along the way. During the voyage, the train passes several buildings, rivers, and waterfalls. The most notable site along the way is Kjosfossen, a cascading waterfall just outside of Myrdal. When the train stops at the falls, passengers are allowed to get out and view the falls from the spectator area, where they’re serenaded with live music and a dance performance. This truly adds so much to the experience. Witnessing an incredibly beautiful waterfall to the tune of classical music makes the stop all the more memorable. When the train arrives at Myrdal, passengers can once again step off the train for a bit to enjoy the surroundings. After some time, the train heads back to Flåm, and passengers once again find themselves at the base of the Aurlandsfjord.

Even though it may be Flåm’s most popular excursion, it isn’t the only one. Flåm offers some amazing boat tours, from kayaking to cruising. Visitors can go from the Aurlandsfjord to Nærøyfjord, starting in Flåm or Gudvangen. The route offers some great views of the surrounding mountains, quaint homes, and waterfalls. If you love outdoor activities, this is one excursion you won’t want to miss.

If you drive north from Flåm, a small road can take you to the Stegastein viewpoint. The viewpoint offers a sky view advantage overlooking some of the mountains and Fjords around Flåm. It takes about 30 minutes to drive from Flåm and sits next to the Stegastein Aurlandsfjellet nature preserve.

If you’re searching for a mystical Norwegian getaway, Flåm might be the spot for you. With its tremendous geography, Flåm offers an amazingly unique experience that is sure to excite!

Jakson Stradtman and family in Flåm.



Fretheim Hotel – This late 19th-century hotel is Flåm’s original in. It was first frequented by Brits on fishing trips.


 The Aegir Brewery at Flåmsbrygga Hotel – Enjoy the popular brewery’s “Viking plank,” a five-course dinner with beer tasting.


Flåmsbana, or Flåm Railway – The Flåm Railway promises waterfall after waterfall as it descends nearly 3,000 feet through a deep green landscape.

Railway Museum – Delight in old locomotives and displays of documentation on the life of railway navvies and local families. 

Stegastein Viewpoint – For a look at snowcapped plateaus and peaks, as far as you can see, this is your spot.

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