The Dreaded “B” Word!

November 10, 2022

We’ve all got one, even if we don’t have it planned in a fancy spreadsheet. It’s critical information in the trip-planning process, yet no one wants to discuss it. What is this yucky “B” word everyone is avoiding? Budget!

Now some travel advisors like to tip-toe around the budget subject, but not this girl! At Mer Bleue, we know that having the budget discussion early sets the stage for a successful travel planning relationship. There are two ways to look at a budget: (1) it helps us create a realistic travel plan, and (2) it helps clients planning an epic bucket list adventure determine a realistic savings goal.

When working with us, the budget, or investment as we like to call it, is tackled during the Discovery Call. There are a few ways we work through this. Maybe you have an idea of a budget range you’d like to stay in, so we help you determine what’s possible within that budget. Or perhaps you know where you want to go and in what style you would like to experience the destination but want help determining what that will cost. The Discovery Call is the perfect time to work through these questions.

Still, we understand it’s helpful to have a reasonable idea of what a fabulous vacation will cost before we chat. To help you with this, we created the following guide. The dollar amounts are estimates based on our knowledge, experience, and a Mer Bleue style of travel. We are all about creating unforgettable memories packed full of substance and style where you don’t lift a finger! These are the investment levels required to design a trip we can proudly put our name on, and you won’t be able to stop talking about.

A few last thoughts on the subject.

  • As you select your travel dates, remember that hotel costs can increase substantially during peak season, holidays, and special events.
  • Mer Bleue books a minimum of a 4-star property.
  • Are you an ultra-luxe traveler? No problem! If the sky is the limit for your budget, we have access to private jets, luxury villas, yacht charters, and private after-hour experiences.

So don’t fear the “B” word! Instead, embrace it and use it to plan so your next adventure is always right around the corner. Have more questions? Need more guidance? Know exactly what you want and are ready to get planning? We are here to help!

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