5 Winter Travel Essentials

October 30, 2022

There’s a chill in the air, and even though it may be gone by brunchtime here in Florida, it’s a reminder that our winter vacations are quickly approaching! If the idea of a wool scarf triggers a cold sweat today, you’ll thank yourself later for planning your winter getaway packing list now. Whether you’re enjoying fondue at a French château, skiing the Swiss Alps, or walking to mass on a cold Tuscan Christmas eve night, you’ll want to keep these 5 winter travel essentials close at hand.


Do not let chapped lips ruin your perfect winter getaway! Keep a moisturizing lip balm within reach at all times. We recommend Sugar Advanced Therapy Treatment Lip Balm. I kid you not; the story of this love affair came to be in the most desperate of times. I had just made the journey to the lift with my skis (if you know, you know) when it dawned on me that I had forgotten the most essential of items, my
chapstick. I sat on the lift with quivering lips for a good two minutes when I decided to check the inside pockets of the jacket I borrowed from a friend. Then, as if that snow angel I made earlier was watching over me, I pulled out not just chapstick but the most decadent lip balm out there, Sugar’s Lip Balm. This winter essential saved the day!


Without a good night’s sleep, you’ll never experience the winter wonderland you’ve so looked forward to. And here’s the hard truth, love does not keep you warm amidst the ice-sickles and cold wind. Luckily, a pair of cozy P.J.’s like Petite Plume can. My family liked them so much that we even wore them for our Christmas card photos!


Next up on the list is a pair of winter boots. An image of the Ugg boots we all know and love may have popped into your mind just now, but if there’s any wet weather in the forecast, they aren’t going to get the job done. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion for function! Sorel, Northside, and L.L. Bean have some great weatherproof options to keep your feet warm and dry. Add a little fur if you want to really embrace the arctic style. Our favorite, the Sorel Joan of Arctic Boot, covers both function and fashion!


If you’ve made it this far without packing cubes, I’m impressed, but you’ll need a strategic packing plan for those heavy layers that come with winter travel. With packing cubes like Gonex, you don’t have to pick just one cute ski jacket; pack them both! Simply separate your clothes into categories, and watch how many cute outfits you can squeeze into one suitcase.


The cold can take a real toll on your phone’s battery life, and the last thing you need is to realize this once you’re stranded mid-mountain with no one to call. Or worse yet, you miss that midmountain photo moment! So what’s a girl to do? Keep a portable charger on hand for a little extra battery juice. The Clutch charger is lightweight and fits perfectly in your pocket.

Now that you know what travel essentials are must-haves this holiday season, all you need is the perfect winter wonderland destination!







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