Travel Advisors: Why You Need One

February 17, 2022

These days you can do just about anything online! So I’m often asked, “Why do I need a travel advisor?” Well, let me tell you, it all comes down to added value. Travel advisors provide extra value that enhances not only your trip but your time leading up to it. How do you ask?

We wade through the muck.

Travel has become more complex than ever. Hop on the Internet and start researching a destination. An unlimited number of pages appear. How do sift through and choose the constantly changing options, reviews, and suppliers? Add COVID health and safety considerations and the many different requirements for entry into each country, and the planning, much less navigation of your trip, just became more complicated. No worries, it’s a travel advisor’s job to stay up-to-date, know which suppliers to trust, and understand the regulations and restrictions for each country.

Unparalleled knowledge and experience.

Travel advisors have extensive knowledge of destinations, accommodations, and unique experiences. We spend time daily connecting with tourism boards, hotel managers, tour representatives, cruise companies, and other travel suppliers, learning every detail imaginable. Many advisors specialize in a particular area or type of travel which allows us to gain an even deeper knowledge base for our clients.

Need more time?

Who doesn’t! Life has become increasingly demanding. Our time, especially our time off, is even more valuable. It can take hours to search through destination information, sit on hold with providers, and manage the details of a trip. The last thing you want is for the vacation you’ve been dreaming about for years to become overwhelming and stressful. Travel advisors do the heavy lifting taking care of every detail leading up to and during your trip, allowing you to focus on the rest of your life and feel more relaxed on your journey.

We hear you.

While a travel advisor will do the work for you, don’t worry, your dream trip will remain yours. We are specialists not only in knowing the best hotels and travel providers but knowing the best hotels and travel providers for you. While we only work with trusted, consistently top-performing suppliers, each has something unique to offer to a particular personality or desire. We understand this and use our knowledge and experience to curate a trip created just for you.

Wow me!

Do you want to do more than check off the “I’ve been there” box? A travel advisor can help connect you to unique, tailor-made experiences that make your trip extra special. Thanks to our networks and partnerships in the destination, we can set you up with unique customized experiences based on your interests and objectives. Think vineyard tours learning about the terroir in Burgundy, walking the countryside in Oxfordshire with a sheepdog trainer and his prizes dogs, a private viewing of Da Vinci’s The Las Super, and an entire day of shopping in Milan with a local fashion designer.

Did someone say perk?

Everybody loves a little perk, right? Here comes the value of the professional network and affiliations again. As an affiliate of Virtuoso, Mer Bleue often has access to better rates, but beyond that, we can arrange exclusive perks, access, and amenities that enhance your bookings and get you more bang for your buck. We also add a personal, human touch you can’t get with an online booking engine. A travel advisor invests in you. We get to know you and your travel style and match you with experiences we know you’ll love. The personal connection ensures that no details get overlooked.

Just a phone call away.

With a travel advisor, you are never alone. You have an advocate before, during, and after your trip. We not only help craft your dream getaway but stay by your side through it all. We provide pre-departure information, 24/7 support while you travel, and assistance and advocacy should anything unexpected occur during the trip. You have a well-connected and resourceful partner always at your side.

Warren Buffet said, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Think of the next time you’re ready to set off on an adventure. Just as you would hire an interior designer to decorate your home or a financial advisor to handle your investments, a travel advisor is a trusted professional who can make your life a little easier while providing added value.







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